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2013 – The Beginning & The End of Everything promo


Interview with ABC 1233 Newcastle (audio)
Interview with Tone Deaf 15/7
Interview with Scene Magazine
Interview with Beat Magazine 10/7
Interview with The Music 6/7
Interview with Sydney Morning Herald 6/7
Interview with Northern Star 8/7
Interview with RN drive – Monday Muse 1/7/13 (audio)
Interview with Conversation Hour 27/6/13 (audio)
Interview with Cool Try 2/7/13
Interview with Colosoul
Interview with Reverb 1/7/13
Interview with The Music (Drum Mag 2/7/13)
Interview with Mixdown Mag 3/7/13
Interview with Luna Digital 16/6/13
Interview with 702 ABC Sydney 3/7/13
Interview with Perth Now 3/7/13
Interview with The West Australian 4/7/13
Interview with The Music Network on distribution error 15/7


Album reviews 
Review by the AU review
Review by TheMusic.Com.Au
Review by TheMusic.Com.Au (Alternative review)
Review by Reverb
Review by the Daily Telegraph
Review by The Examiner
Review by Rip It Up
Review by Sydney Morning Herald
Review by The Australian
Review by Tone Deaf
Review by The Brag
Review by Beat Magazine
Review by Dearhead Press
Review by Music Pickings
Review by Out In Perth
Review by The Weekly Review

Review by It’s Only Rock and Roll
Review by City and Sound


Interview with AU Review – Part 1 and Part 2
‘Leeward Side’ live on The Morning Show
‘Leeward Side’ for RIPE.TV
‘Leeward Side’ live on 702 ABC Sydney
Live on Ten Late News – Interview
Live on Ten Late News – ‘Leeward Side’
‘Leeward Side’ for Colosoul 
Only Sparrows Press

Interview with Torrent This!
Aria nomination interview with TheMusic.Com.Au 
Support Act TV Ad
Get More Into Music: Animated Clips with Josh Pyke


TV Appearances
The Circle – 24/08/11
UpLate Show – 25/08/11

Q&A with FOJP
The Australian Interview/Video – 26/08/11
Triple J interview with Zan Rowe 16/08/11
Drum Media Cover Story 16/08/11 (page 32-33)

Album Reviews


NOVA – July

Articles (2011 and before)
Xpress November 2009 Xpress Perth November 2009 Jmag November 2009 Jmag 1  Jmag 2  Jmag 2008
jpwestaustralian Sunday Magazine JP Article  Jmag - White Album Sep 2009 Rolling Stone Review Nov 2008 Jmag 2006 Xpress 2007 Australian Guitar Magazine 2008 Xpress 2009 Rolling Stone Aug 2008 Rolling Stone April 2007 Xpress 2009  Rolling Stone Nov 2008 The Music Mag March 2007 Josh Pyke & Bob Evans Xpress 2006Jmag Nov 2007 The Edge March 2007  Jmag JP CD Review 2008 Jmag Team Spirit 2008 Jmag Book Review 2008 Jmag 2008


Josh Pyke chats to Fasterlouder about Stonefest
MTV: Josh Pyke on Fan vs Band
RockWiz: Q & A with Josh Pyke

ABC Brisbane: Meet Josh Pyke
Koffee Audio: JP chats to Tim and Hayley
Focus Mag: Josh Pyke Interview
Triple J: Josh Pyke backstage at Splendour
Fasterlouder: Josh Pyke interviews Sarah Blasko
Undercover with JP at SXSW
Triple J: JP takes 5 with his White Album favourites
Josh Pyke on chatting with Catanzariti
Josh Pyke on 9am with David and Kim
Nova 937: Josh Pyke live at Splendour

Ninemsn: Josh Pyke Big Day Out Diary
Perth Music: Josh Pyke Interview

Radio Adelaide: The Range – Interview with JP
My Secret Playlist: Josh Pyke
Live at the Chapel: Josh Pyke
Ivy League: Josh Pyke’s 2008 Topness

Triple J: Josh Pyke Radio
Josh on Undercover
Josh Pyke on JTV
Triple J’s Next Crop Artist interview with Josh Pyke by Friends Of Josh Pyke


Ivy League: Best of 2006 – Josh Pyke
Homebrew Radio

We Also Ran: Josh Pyke Interview

Home and Hosed interview with Josh Pyke by Friends Of Josh Pyke

Triple J’s Next Crop Artist interview with Josh Pyke by Friends Of Josh Pyke