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Another Evening with Josh Pyke & Bob Evans wraps up

Posted: December 18, 2016 at 1:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

10 shows down, 3 to go. Another Evening with Josh Pyke and Bob Evans made its way to Victoria for the final run of shows.

Josh and Kev were kind enough to let me hang around / bug them for the last 3 shows, so here’s a snap shot of what happened. Kicking off at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne on Wednesday December 14th, I caught up with the two of them before soundcheck to film a Facebook Live Stream. It was clear then how much fun they were having on tour, and what a treat audiences were in. We even found time for a quick selfie.



The Corner Hotel has had some recent renovations, so after enjoying dinner upstairs and admiring the new rooftop bar, I headed back to the band room. It was so nice to catch up with some familiar FOJP faces, and unsurprisingly Josh and Kev put on a stellar show.




The next stop was Belgrave for a sold out show at Sooki Lounge. The duo were on a roll with their own stage banter this night. From attempting to speaking French, to Josh performing The Summer with a cockney accent. It was all gold.





And so the final show of the tour was upon us. Returning to the Corner Hotel on Friday December 16th for the final show, it’s hard not to get excited for a show when you see a line around the corner. Minutes before they took to the show, I dropped in to wish Josh and Kev good luck.

The show itself was a real highlight. The crowd energy was amazing, and Josh & Kev’s banter was on point. For those not at the show, I actually managed to pull off a live stream straight to Josh Pyke’s Facebook page.

img_047815589932_1538246646202998_2374141446081351217_n  img_0516 img_0521


Just wanted to take the time to genuinely thank Josh and Kev for allowing me to hang around. And to Wonderlick, Catherine Haridy Management and Dave Springer for making it happen. 15 year old me has these two to thank for kicking off my love of live music 10 years ago.

Until next time,