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2015 – But For All These Shrinking Hearts Press
Interview with STACK Australia 24/8/15
Interview with Kinderling Radio 23/8/15
Soundtrack for Rolling Stone 19/8/15
Performance on The Morning Show 10/8/15
Interview with 702 ABC Sydney 7/8/15
Interview with Radio National 7/8/15
Interview with ABC Gold Coast 6/8/15
Interview with 774 ABC Melbourne 5/8/15
Interview with Cool Try 5/8/15
Interview with Colosoul 3/8/15
Interview on ABC 7.30 31/7/15
Interview with Farrago 31/7/15
Interview with SkyNews.Com.Au 31/7/15
Track by Track for Tonedeaf 31/7/15
Interview with Sydney Morning Herald 31/7/15
Performance for Rolling Stone 31/7/15
Performance on TODAY show 30/7/15
Interview with the59thsound 29/7/15
Performance for Tram Sessions – Songlines 29/7/15
Interview with Beat Magazine 29/7/15
Interview with TheNightVibe 29/7/15
Interview with TheBrag 29/7/15
Interview with 29/7/15
Interview with WeekendNotes 29/7/15
Interview with Rip It Up 28/7/15
Performance for Red Sky Music 28/7/15
Interview with Casual Band Blogger 27/7/15
Interview with APHRA Magazine 27/7/15
Interview with Across The Ocean 27/7/15 
Interview with 23/7/15
Interview with Australian Musician 23/7/15
Interview & performance with Vulture Magazine 23/7/15
Interview with TimeOut 21/7/15
Interview with Crtive 21/7/15
Interview with Pearl HQ 21/7/15
Interview with PPCorn 21/7/15
Interview with Best Before 21/7/15
Interview with Forte Magazine 17/7/15
Interview with Sydney Scoop 15/7/15
Interview with Amnplify 14/7/15
Interview with Soot Magazine 14/7/15
Interview with Earthboy Press 14/7/15
Interview with AAA Backstage
Interview with iZRA 

Interview with Renowned for Sound 9/7/15
Interview with Scenestr 8/7/15
Interview with Love ‘Em 7/7/15
Interview with Channel [V] 7/7/15
Interview with ToneDeaf 7/7/15
Interview with WickeddChildd 7/7/15
Interview with Wild n Free 5/7/15
Interview with Australian Musician Magazine 5/7/15
Interview with The Aussie Word 3/7/15
Performance for Nova 1069 3/7/15
Performance for BalconyTV Brisbane 2/7/15
Interview with The Canberra Times 2/7/15
Interview with Art Felicis 30/6/15
Performance for Tram Sessions 30/6/15
Interview with theAUReview 30/6/15
Performance for Australian Musician 28/6/15
Performance for TheMusic 26/6/15
Performance for Music Feeds 26/6/15
Interview with Beauty & Lace 20/6/15

2015 – Sydney Symphony Orchestra Shows Press
Interview with the Sydney Morning Herald 24/4/15
Interview with the Daily Telegraph 19/4/15
Interview with The Australian 28/2/15
Interview with Broadsheet 27/2/15

Tour diary for Tone Deaf 2/12/14
Interview with Casual Band Blogger 23/11/14
Interview with Ballarat Courier 20/11/14
Top 6 Records with Tone Deaf 20/11/14
Interview with Forte Magazine 13/11/14
Interview with Silent Radio 2/11/14
Interview with Torrent This! 25/10/14
Interview with 10/10/14
Interview with Female First UK 28/9/14
Tour diary for Music Feeds July 2014
Interview with South Coast Register 19/6/14

Interview with The Maitland Mercury 12/6/14
Interview with GoveFM 11/6/14
Video: Josh speaking on Feedback Music Panel 10/6/14
Interview with ABC Radio National 24/5/14
Interview with Sydney Writers Festival 24/5/14
Interview with TheAUReview 11/5/14
Performance for Music Feeds 9/5/14 
Interview with Channel V 9/5/14
Interview with Casual Band Blogger 2/5/14
Interview with ABC 1233 Newcastle 19/3/14
Interview with The Herald 28/2/14
Interview with Music Feeds 20/2/14
Interview with Casual Band Blogger 20/2/14
Interview with Blank Gold Coast 13/1/14

2014 – White Album Tour
Interview with 702ABC Sydney (Live performance of Blackbird) 15/7/14
Interview with RN Breakfast 11/7/14

2013 – The Beginning & The End of Everything Press
Tour diary for Channel V 9/9/13
Interview with University of Wollongong 29/8/13
Interview with Mellow Gold 23/8/13
Performance for Tram Sessions 21/8/13
Interview with Noise11 21/7/13
Interview with 04/7/13
Interview with Yahoo! 7 news 4/7/13
Interview with ABC 702 Sydney 3/7/13
Interview with TheMusic 2/7/13
Interview with Radio Nation 1/7/13
Performance for The Ripe 2/7/13
Interview with Reverb Magazine 1/7/13
Interview with The Australia 28/6/13

FireShot Screen Capture #035 - 'Pyke gets lucky - The West Australian' - au_news_yahoo_com_thewest_entertainment_a_-_entertainment_17866922_pyke-gets-lucky

FireShot Screen Capture #033 - 'Album of the week and latest releases I thetelegraph_com_au' - www_dailytelegraph_com_au_album-of-the-week-and-latest-releases_story-fnejoevq-1226673849236FireShot Screen Capture #031 - 'The Doctor Is In ♫ Interviews at theMusic_com_au' - themusic_com_au_interviews_all_2013_07_02_josh-pyke-natasha-lee_17360FireShot Screen Capture #028 - 'Pyke sheds light on songwriting I Perth Now' - www_perthnow_com_au_news_pyke-sheds-light-on-song-writing_story-fnejqp1p-1226673746423FireShot Screen Capture #023 - '[Interview] JOSH PYKE I Reverb Magazine Online' - www_reverbstreetpress_com_online_interview-josh-pykeFireShot Screen Capture #021 - 'CD Reviews Josh Pyke BMA Magazine Canberra Streetpress' - www_bmamag_com_articles_cd-reviews_20130626-josh-pykeFireShot Screen Capture #014 - 'JOSH PYKE' - mixdownmag_com_au_2013_07_03_josh-pyke-2FireShot Screen Capture #012 - 'Interview_ Josh Pyke I COLOSOUL' - colosoul_com_au_colosoul_2_0__p=19996FireShot Screen Capture #010 - 'Josh Pyke’s New Beginning I Luna Digital' - lunadigital_tv_josh-pykes-new-beginningFireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'Two men, two sheds, one sweet album I The Australian' - www_theaustralian_com_au_arts_two-men-two-sheds-one-sweet-album_story-e6frg8n6-1226671044308

Album Reviews
FireShot Screen Capture #005 - 'Interview – Josh Pyke « Cool Try (bro)' - cooltry_com_au_interview-josh-pyke-2__utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=interview-josh-pyke-2 FireShot Screen Capture #021 - 'CD Reviews Josh Pyke BMA Magazine Canberra Streetpress' - www_bmamag_com_articles_cd-reviews_20130626-josh-pyke FireShot Screen Capture #023 - '[Interview] JOSH PYKE I Reverb Magazine Online' - www_reverbstreetpress_com_online_interview-josh-pyke TheMusic.Com050613





Interview with Torrent This!
Aria nomination interview with TheMusic.Com.Au 
Support Act TV Ad
Get More Into Music: Animated Clips with Josh Pyke


TV Appearances
The Circle – 24/08/11
UpLate Show – 25/08/11

Q&A with FOJP
The Australian Interview/Video – 26/08/11
Triple J interview with Zan Rowe 16/08/11
Drum Media Cover Story 16/08/11 (page 32-33)

NOVA – July


Josh Pyke chats to Fasterlouder about Stonefest
MTV: Josh Pyke on Fan vs Band
RockWiz: Q & A with Josh Pyke

ABC Brisbane: Meet Josh Pyke
Koffee Audio: JP chats to Tim and Hayley
Focus Mag: Josh Pyke Interview
Triple J: Josh Pyke backstage at Splendour
Fasterlouder: Josh Pyke interviews Sarah Blasko
Undercover with JP at SXSW 
Triple J: JP takes 5 with his White Album favourites
Josh Pyke on chatting with Catanzariti 
Josh Pyke on 9am with David and Kim
Nova 937: Josh Pyke live at Splendour

Ninemsn: Josh Pyke Big Day Out Diary
Perth Music: Josh Pyke Interview

Radio Adelaide: The Range – Interview with JP
My Secret Playlist: Josh Pyke
Live at the Chapel: Josh Pyke
Ivy League: Josh Pyke’s 2008 Topness

Triple J: Josh Pyke Radio
Josh on Undercover 
Josh Pyke on JTV
Triple J’s Next Crop Artist interview with Josh Pyke by Friends Of Josh Pyke

Ivy League: Best of 2006 – Josh Pyke
Homebrew Radio

We Also Ran: Josh Pyke Interview

Home and Hosed interview with Josh Pyke by Friends Of Josh Pyke

Triple J’s Next Crop Artist interview with Josh Pyke by Friends Of Josh Pyke

Articles (2011 and before)

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